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About Me

Hi, I'm Akhil. I'm a third generation physician, having earned my undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Florida. Since completing training in 2015, I've been involved in various aspects of healthcare, from practice management, to clinic development and direct patient care.

I have seen first hand the transformative effect medical weight loss can have on patients. I believe in its positive effects so much that I've decided to make it my passion going forward.

I recently moved to California and would love to purchase a business in the medical weight loss space. If you are open to selling your weight loss clinic, below is outline of the steps we would go through together, to see if we have a good fit.

Medical Weight Loss

Outline of Steps

In the first call we will talk about the various aspects of your clinic:


  • How many years has the weight loss clinic been running for?

  • What does the weight loss patient program consist of? 

  • How often does a patient visit the clinic? How long do they continue on the program? 

  • What other products and services are sold to patients to aide in the program (injections etc)? Do you sell packages ? 

  • How do you find and attract new customers? 

  • How many staff members do you have and what do they do? How do you manage them? 

  • What are the sales of the clinic? What is the net income/profit? 

  • How many days a week is the clinic open, and what are the hours?

  • What softwares do you use to run the clinic?

Understanding your program and business.

Step One

Give you an offer to buy.

Step Two

Once I have a decent understanding of your business, and feel like I might be a good fit to buy your clinic, I can give you an offer to buy your business within two weeks of our call.


These couple of weeks will also give you time to think about if you want to sell the clinic. It’s important that we both take this time to see if it makes sense for you to sell, and for me to buy the business. 

Go through the due diligence.

Step Three

If we agree on the price and deal in principle, then we will need to work with both of our accountants to verify the numbers of your business. In this phase we make sure that both sides get a chance to verify the details of the deal. Most times, a bank will also be involved to finance the deal. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm interested in getting into the weight loss business and transforming the lives of our patients.

I am qualified to buy your business and can send a personal financial statement and put you in touch with my SBA lender with whom I have been pre-approved with.


Please call or text me on my cell at 813-351-9474 if you have questions or would like to discuss further. 

I looking forward to working together with you.

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